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  • Sophia Zheng

Bludot Open - Latest Feature Roundup | July 2020

This month we have focused on enhancing city admin functionalities in Bludot Open. Since our launch in April we have been receiving lots of great feedback and suggestions from our cities. In the past months we have largely focused on enhancements that improved the business owners' profile and experience, and this month we are excited to take on some of the long-overdue functionalities for our city admins and hopefully make it a little easier for our cities to manage/customize their Bludot Open site.

1. Manage and Customize Areas, Categories, and Filter Options

Cities often need to make changes to the list of categories and options, especially as health orders change and more businesses are allowed to reopen. Cities can now manage these changes directly in the Settings page. Simply click on the Edit, Delete, and Add New buttons and follow the instructions in the prompts.

2. Add Business/Edit Business Approval

As an added layer of security, cities can now enable approval requirements and review each business addition and/or edit before it goes live. Once enabled, each time someone adds or edits a business, the city admin users will be notified to review and approve the change. For cities that opt to enable this setting, we'd like to emphasize that it is important to keep an eye out for the change requests so the updates submitted by businesses can be reviewed as quickly as possible. This is not only helpful for the business owners to get their information out there but also for everybody else to be able to see what's latest!

3. Welcome Popup

Cities can now also enable a welcome message for every visitor that comes to their city's site. Simply toggle on the "Welcome Message" in Settings, type the message, upload an image, preview and save changes. The message will then be displayed to each person that visits the site.

We have more exciting features coming up including Map Overlays, as well as new features in our Bludot App Business Relationship Management tool (CRM for Economic Development). To learn more about that, click here. Stay tuned for more updates!


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