Business Retention Software Platform

Built for Economic Development

in Local Cities and Counties

We have been looking for a CRM for the last 2 years. Everything we had tried were all too much for "sales" and too frustrating for us as a city ED team.

Finally, a CRM built for Economic Development

Join the small-mid sized cities and counties around the country to supercharge your Economic Development with specialized tools made just for you.


the BR&E CRM that comes with data

Many communities were hesitant to try any solution because they worry that they do not have enough data (if any at all), nor do they have the time to put it together.

We get it.

Unlike all generic CRM tools which come to you blank,

Bludot is pre-populated with data for every business in your community

so you can hit the ground running from the moment you log in.

Schedule a demo and see what data we have for your community

Before using Bludot, we did not have any data for our local businesses. No list of businesses, no industry sectors, no employee sizes, nothing.

Getting data populated is half the battle already done.

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See how City of Takoma Park, MD has been using Bludot in their Econ Dev initiatives

features & capabilities

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Manage all businesses in your city/county on one platform

Quick access labels based on business type, industry, age, size, geographic location, or any custom criteria

Filter, sort, customize, export, at your finger tips


Direct communication channel with business owners

Automatically organize emails with businesses to their corresponding profile read more

Comprehensive view of all touchpoints with each business, ensuring continuity even when personnel changes

One platform for all your staff across departments to stay in the loop, wherever you are

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Need to send a message to all your local businesses that are restaurants, less than 25 employees, more than 10 years old, independently owned, within downtown area…… or just about any criteria you can think of?

Imagine doing that as simple as a few clicks.

Communicating important information or sharing critical resources should not be complicated.


Built-in message-open tracking for real-time feedback on how your outreach has been seen

Gain instant insights on who has read your message, when did they read it, how they are distributed, where are they located; and just as importantly, who have not read your communications, and are hence not reached.

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Replies from business owners  to their cities via Bludot

p.s. we feel the same. thank you ED staff

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We are so appreciative of the support you have given our family business.. 
Love our city ♥

Thank you for all that

you do.

The resources have been so helpful. Thank you for working so diligently and keeping in touch with us!


Visualize your businesses in a map with the touch of a button

Whether to view all your city's restaurants, visualize survey results, or perform cluster analysis, the map lets you unlock valuable location insights

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Need to follow up after a call from a business owner? Easily turn interactions into tasks, and never miss a to-do

Create a task for yourself, or assign to another staff

Keep track and manage workflow with due dates and automated reminders


Creating, sending, collecting and analyzing  survey responses, all within the Bludot platform

The seamless communication capability, robust data analytics, coupled with the built-in, fully customizable surveys, round up the platform with all the tools you need for Econ Dev

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Bludot has proven to be an essential tool for Economic Development efforts in our city.

The Bludot team has also been very responsive to my team’s communication and retention efforts.

Economic Development Director

City of Antioch, CA

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Summary dashboard to track your Business Retention & Expansion efforts


Data-driven insights to support your strategic decision making

Reporting capabilities to easily present your progress to City Council and other stakeholders


Fully mobile optimized to fit your busy schedule

Manage conversations while on-the-go


Seamless user experience any time, any where, on any device

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Bludot’s platform directly responds to a city’s need to best serve its business community.  The CRM and communication functions enable all functions, economic development, planning, building permits, public works and business license to coordinate. An efficient and effective platform!

Economic Development Manager
City of Newark, CA


You are in good company

Used by communities across 10+ states 


Only 1-2 full time ED staff with hundreds/thousands of local businesses?

(+ endless other things also on your plate?)


We get it.

Bludot is built for you.