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Business Retention Software Platform

Built for Economic Development

in Local Cities and Counties

features & capabilities


View and manage all businesses in your city/county on one platform

Group businesses using labels based on business type, industry, age, size, and geographic location

Robust Advanced Search functionality for complex queries


Filter, sort, customize, export, at your finger tips


Visualize your businesses in a map with one touch of a button

Map adjusts dynamically per your selection of labels

Whether to view all your city's restaurants, visualize survey results, or perform cluster analysis, the map lets you unlock valuable location insights


Full CRM capability, built for Economic Development, not for Sales


Direct communication channel with business owners

Built-in message-open tracking

Comprehensive view of all touchpoints with each business, ensuring continuity even when personnel changes

One platform for all your staff to stay in the loop, wherever you are


Need to follow up after a call from a business owner? Easily turn interactions into tasks, and never miss a to-do

Create a task for yourself, or assign to another staff

Keep track and manage workflow with due dates and automated reminders


Summary dashboard to track your Business Retention & Expansion efforts


Data-driven insights to support your strategic decision making

Meet your economic development goals and mission

Showcase your impact in the community

Stay Engaged with Your Local Businesses


Bludot is built for economic developers like you who need to support hundreds or thousands of local businesses with limited staff and resources. 


We focus on small-mid sized cities and we know your challenge;  but we also know the importance of your work. We are committed to help you support your community through this coronavirus crisis and beyond.

See our latest tips from Economic Development Managers on how they are using the tools in their city

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Fully mobile optimized to fit your busy schedule

Manage conversations while on-the-go


Seamless user experience any time, any where, on any device