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about us

At Bludot, we are a group of tech builders, product fanatics, problem solvers, and most importantly, believers of two things:


the power of technology tools to maximize each person's impact in their work; 


and the power of local economies

no matter the community's size.

about you

Our biggest value is prioritizing your success. We take supporting our customers so seriously (and proudly) that we need to dedicate a section just for this.


When cities tell us we have resolved their problem, that we "brought a smile" to their face, and a simple "you are the best", are the highlights of our days.

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investors & supporters


from our founder

Hi there! Thank you for checking out Bludot. Since our first city partnership in early 2019, we have been obsessed with empowering local cities' economic development staff to do more with less, especially in small-mid sized communities where resources are most limited. We have no doubt that this is where we can create the biggest impact. If we help you help the local businesses and local community, we all get a better place to live!

The platform you see today is a combination of our vision plus the input, feedback, and iteration from all of our cities. And it will only continue to get better. Together we will elevate the status-quo of local economic development, and show the world what small-mid sized cities and counties can do.

If this resonates with you, we can't wait to hear from you.

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Sophia Zheng

Founder | CEO

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Green Products

Perspectives on Innovation and Adoption


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Green Power

Perspectives on Sustainable Electricity Generation




we are based in

Silicon Valley

the (mostly) sunny California

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