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  • Liv Stromme

2022: Year in Review

Now that 2022 has come to an end, Bludot has so much to be grateful for as we look back at what we have accomplished together over the past year! We are grateful for the partners across 27 states that have joined our platform to power their business retention and expansion.

In the last year, our team has more than doubled our customer base. Across the country, we are supporting many different communities sizes. From rural communities to fast-growing suburbs to even large cities like Albuquerque, NM!

We have also continued to expand the types of organizations within the platform - from chambers of commerce to EDCs, non-profits, investment organizations, and of course, many city and county economic development offices. We’ve supported many rural communities with our SBIR grant through the USDA throughout the year.

We have grown our Shop Local app, Open Rewards, to six states! This app rewards your community for shopping locally without the overhead and hassle of most shop-local programs. For every $1 invested by the city, our app creates over $20 of Economic Impact for your community.

Our customers' enthusiasm and dedication to Economic Development inspire all that we do.

Happy New Year and cheers to an incredible 2022!


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