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  • Liv Stromme

Bludot launches in Louisiana, Maine, and Nebraska this week!

This week, Bludot has launched in three new states! We’re excited to bring the State of Louisiana, Rumford, Maine, and Phelps County, Kansas to the Bludot Platform. Louisiana Economic Development will utilize Bludot Open to promote their opportunity zone projects to investors within the state. Rumford, ME is leveraging Bludot Open to showcase their unique community and all that Rumford has to offer. Rumford is a unique, growing community in Maine that has agriculture, industry, tourism, and more. Phelps County Development Corporation is implementing our CRM to track their business visits and goals for business attraction in the region.

We’re thrilled to be launching in three new states this week, bringing our total that Bludot has been implemented in 26 states now! Thanks to the support of all our wonderful communities for making this possible!


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