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  • Sophia Zheng

Bludot App Feature Update - Surveys and more | Aug 2020

This month we are excited to share with you our latest major feature addition: Surveys! Surveys is one of the main tools to gather feedback and be in touch with what the business community needs. Businesses' responses often play a critical role in designing and implementing ED initiatives. Surveys is a must-have in any ED toolbox and we are excited to make this available as part of Bludot.

The survey functionality is built in with Bludot's communication features, which means you can create and send a survey like you would with any other message, without leaving the platform. You can selectively send the survey to a subset of businesses by easily using their characteristics-based labels, such as industry, location, size, etc. (Learn more about Bludot Econ Dev CRM platform's functionalities here.)

Once the survey is sent, each business on the recipient list will receive a notification with a link to take the survey, and their responses will be tracked. Each response will be associated with the corresponding business's profile; this means that at any point in the future when you come in contact with a particular business, you'll be able to click on their profile and immediately access all of their related information in one central place, including this survey they filled out.

All responses are also aggregated, in a comprehensive summary view. Here, you'll be able to visualize all the collected information and take action based on the feedback you received. Need to schedule a service activity with a group of businesses? Let them pick a time out of a multiple-choice question and quickly see the responses. Need to collect forms or receipts? Include a file attachment question in the survey and get all the submissions in one place.

Check out our latest video on how City of Walnut Creek, CA used surveys as an integral part of initiating their "Rebound" Economic Recovery program in a way that maximizes the impact in the business community.


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