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maximize your Economic Development impact 

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Support Your Local Businesses during COVID-19


Bludot is built for economic developers like you who need to support hundreds or thousands of local businesses with limited staff and resources. 


We focus on small-mid sized cities and we know your challenge;  but we also know the importance of your work. We are committed to help you support your community through this coronavirus crisis.

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We are opening it up to other cities at no cost and we'll do our best to help as many cities as possible. To add your city, please let us know:

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Intro from City of Walnut Creek, CA

We look forward to seeing you at


Designed in close collaboration with on-the-ground economic development practitioners

to empower your Business Retention and Expansion


and scale your impact

A must-have for thriving cities in the modern era




View and manage all businesses in your city on one platform

Search, filter, sort, customize, export, to fit all your needs

Reach out strategically by the business' 

industry, age, size, and geographic location

Robust Advanced Search functionality to apply multiple criteria at once, for more complex needs


Modern cloud-based software for fast implementation and smooth user experience


Automated alerts, reminders, and tasks to maximize your efficiency and scale your impact


Integrate with other systems i.e. license, permit, etc. for one comprehensive platform


Emphasis on human-centered design and personal touch with your community


Comprehensive view of each business's 

journey in your city, at your finger tips

Get in touch with each business owner 1:1, or reach out to a set of businesses at once, and keep track of their responses

Built-in task functionality to stay on top of the to-do's

Always access the latest status, across your city staff, wherever you are


Summary dashboard to track your Business Retention & Expansion efforts


Data-driven insights to support your strategic decision making

Meet your city's economic development goals and mission

Showcase your impact in the community

For anybody that is thinking about what Economic Development would look like in the future, in the next couple of years and how they can get ahead, a tool like Bludot is going to allow them to take advantage of the 1:1 personal relationships that traditionally drive Economic Development, with the technology tools that is going to revolutionize Economic Development at scale. 

-- Head of Innovation and Economic Development

City of Walnut Creek, CA


Funded by the premier Alchemist Accelerator and Govtech Fund, a proud startup partner in City Innovate, and a distinguished member of Stanford StartX, Bludot strive to use software solutions to empower cities in building strong and thriving economies.


Ready to empower your

Economic Development?

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