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Use the rewards you have earned towards another purchase

at any participating businesses in the same community!

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1. Find the business you want to use your rewards at

You can click on the business' pin in the map on your Discovery tab, or type the business's name in the search bar.

If you are in the store right now, you can also scan the business's QR code!

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2. Click "Use Rewards"


Click on the "Use Rewards" button on the bottom of the business profile.


3. Enter the amount


Enter the amount of the rewards that you want to use.

Click "Pay Using Rewards" when you are ready to check out.

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4. Complete your purchase with the cashier!


Show the confirmation screen to the cashier, who will verify your rewards payment, take it off of your bill, and charge you the remaining balance.

*** Regardless of whether the cashier verifies your rewards payment, the money was transferred to the business the moment you clicked "Pay Using Rewards".

Since the confirmation screen is only valid for 30 minutes, we suggest that you click the button only when you are ready to check out.