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Your city's very own
Rewards Program 

Incentivize shopping local,

exclusively for your city


Since 2022, Open Rewards has generated 28X ROI in local economic impact. More than 75% of users indicate that Open Rewards has positively influenced their decision to shop local.

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Earn rewards no matter how they paid


Credit card, debit card, cash, are all supported, ensuring an inclusive program for all members of your community.

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Digital and non-digital payout methods


Whether Venmo, PayPal, or check, each consumer can select the method that works best for them to receive the rewards redemption.

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Use rewards in the same community

Give consumers the flexibility to use their rewards in a variety of businesses in your community, 

incentivizing them to return.

No Actions Required

No need to enroll businesses, train their staff, add anything to their POS, just business as usual! 

We can't describe how much this removes headaches from business owners, consumers, and city admins.

for CITy admins
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Zero administrative overhead


  • No need to pound the pavement to enroll businesses

  • No need to administer rewards manually

  • Everything is handled by the app!

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Fast launch 

  • App is already built, adding your city is instant

  • Just let us know which businesses are eligible and your city will be live!

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