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  • Matt Moloney

How Bludot’s business retention CRM platform is driving economic and community growth across Texas

A business retention CRM platform can be an effective tool for local governments to support local businesses, promote economic growth and improve their own operational efficiency.

To date, 10 cities throughout the Lone Star State have adopted Bludot’s business retention CRM platform to drive economic and community growth across their cities.

Some of the benefits these cities have realized are:

  • Improved communication: By using a business retention CRM platform, cities like Celina, TX—whose Business Retention and Expansion Specialist sat down with Bludot for an insightful Q+A—can communicate more effectively with local businesses. The platform can be used to send out regular updates and newsletters, and to keep businesses informed about new initiatives and programs

  • Enhanced data management: A business retention CRM platform is empowering other cities—like Bludot’s 10th Texas customer Pharr, TX—to manage their data more effectively, allowing them to track and analyze important information about local businesses. This data can be used to find trends, track performance and identify opportunities for improvement

  • Better citizen engagement: These cities are using Bludot to engage more effectively with local businesses. By using the platform to collect feedback—with easy-to-send survey email blasts—and input from businesses, governments can gain a better understanding of their needs and priorities, and can work to address any concerns or issues that arise

A business retention CRM platform is critical for rapid growth cities

With a nearly 51% increase in population, Celina, TX has been named the fastest growing city in North Texas for three years in a row. Located just north of Dallas, the city is experiencing rapid growth and tremendous local business and economic opportunities. The Celina Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting economic development and growth in the city. The CEDC provides a variety of resources and support to local businesses, including financial incentives, site selection assistance and workforce development programs.

The CEDC has launched many initiatives—including a Business Appreciation Program and a Shop Local Campaign. However, Celina did not have a singular place to track business contact information or interactions with their local businesses.

“We were already reaching out and checking in with businesses but did not have an efficient way to track engagements. When we were looking for a solution, we wanted to encompass all of our interactions with businesses but also track how we’re checking in and what we’re doing.” Lalaina Alvarez, Business Retention and Expansion Specialist for Celina, TX

This sparked the city to partner with Bludot to launch an innovative business retention CRM platform.

“It’s been a great tool, especially in formally building out our BR&E program. Contact information and related data for a business is all updated easily in one place. When I meet with a business owner I can log a meeting and related notes during or immediately following a discussion in Bludot. Using the group email feature has also been great to get communications out quickly to all businesses and saved time digging through spreadsheets.” Lalaina Alvarez, Business Retention and Expansion Specialist for Celina, TX

Leveraging Bludot’s business directory to connect constituents with local businesses

Roughly 300 miles south of Celina, TX is Cibolo, TX who is using Bludot’s public-facing business directory Bludot Open to connect constituents to local businesses.

Cibolo's Economic Development team is dedicated to promoting and encouraging business owners to list their businesses on the platform for residents to shop local in the community. Cibolo’s investment in technology tools to support the local businesses shows their continued dedication and commitment for growth and expansion.

Residents of Cibolo, TX can easily utilize the direct search feature, or by using the many filtering options available, to locate any business in the city. Ease of use was mission critical for Cibolo—not only for their residents, but for their business owners, too.

Business owners can update their information at any time. It’s as simple as clicking on their business page and clicking 'Edit.'

Trusted partners across the State of Texas

With 10 customers across Texas, Bludot is a trusted partner to many Economic Development teams in the Lone Star State.

In addition to Celina, Pharr and Cibolo, Bludot has launched their innovative business retention CRM platform in Duncanville, Marble Falls, Southlake, Eagle Pass, Lewisville, La Vernia and San Marcos.

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How can a business retention CRM platform empower your office?

With better access to data, comes a more empowered Economic Development team that can make a significant impact in the community.

A few of the benefits of Bludot’s business retention CRM platform include the ability to:

  • Filter businesses with customized search criteria (by industry, business square footage, employee size, veteran-owned, etc.)

  • Send customized surveys and email blasts (road closures, construction, etc.)

  • Track business walks and visits and leave detailed notes to reference later

To see Bludot in action and how it can empower your Business Retention and Expansion efforts, schedule a demo here.


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