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  • Liv Stromme

Welcoming Cibolo, TX to Bludot

We’re excited to welcome one of our latest cities in Texas to the Bludot Business Retention and Expansion platform and to Bludot Open: City of Cibolo!

It has been incredible to see the amazing work from the City of Cibolo's Economic Development team to promote and encourage business owners to list their businesses on the platform for residents to shop local in the community. Cibolo’s investment in technology tools to support the local businesses shows their continued dedication and commitment for growth and expansion. To access City of Cibolo's Bludot Open page, click here:

We’re excited that City of Cibolo is another example of a small-mid sized city that has chosen Bludot to partner with their Economic Development team. Partnerships like this is what makes all the difference for us, and we can’t wait to see their local businesses grow!


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