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  • Sophia Zheng

Bludot welcomes 5 new cities/counties across 4 states!

As 2020 drew to a close, Bludot is excited to welcome 5 new communities to join our platform: City of Lansing, KS; Fluvanna County, VA; Orange County, VA; City of Pickerington, OH; and City of Watauga, TX!

2020 has been a year like no other. It has also been a year that reminded us just how important our mission is in supporting our local communities. We launched Bludot Open within a few short weeks of the pandemic, helped 19 communities promote over 4000 local businesses to over half a million views. We continued to build on Bludot App to enhance the engagement between economic development teams and business owners. Cities have used Bludot to launch emergency grants, communicate health orders, assist in safe reopening, and in general be an available resource for the business owners. Bludot App 2.0 was successfully rolled out in the fall which is now live in a growing number of communities. We doubled down on our mission in supporting local communities' economic development, by building the platform that makes all economic development teams superheroes in their community.

The diversity of our newest community partners and their shared passion in caring for our local businesses is what drives us forward every day. 2021 will be the year we continue to push ourselves in the rebuilding and strengthening of local economies throughout the country. We can't wait!


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