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  • Sophia Zheng

Bludot App Latest Upgrade - Email Integration + Advanced Search | Feb 2021

Our first major release of the year! We are proud to continue pushing forward the technology of economic development to give our communities the best tools to grow. This upgrade represents another major step forward. It has been in the works for the last few months and we are excited to finally unveil it today!

1. Email Integration

Bludot can now be connected directly to your email account! Whether you use Gmail, Outlook, or any other email providers, it can be linked directly to your workspace on Bludot.

Once it's connected, you'll be able to send and receive emails like you normally do, and Bludot will automatically categorize any emails sent to or from a business owner to their corresponding business profile. All it needs is a matching email address on file. Any other emails in your inbox will not be touched.

With a linked email account, any messages you sent directly via the Bludot platform can also be sent "from" your linked email address. The recipient will see the email as sent from your normal email address, no different than other regular emails. By sending messages from the Bludot platform, it provides the added benefit of being able to track when the recipient opens the message.

The email integration is one major step forward in providing a seamless experience, where you can just go about your day as normal and Bludot works behind the scenes organizing your communications.

2. Advanced Search

Being able to easily see and use data is key to us at Bludot. To that end, we are excited to release our much improved Advanced Search that will let you slice and dice your data with much more flexibility and ease.

Simply open up the Advanced Search menu on the right hand side. Within the menu, you'll be able to query a variety of data fields in an intuitive interface. Search for businesses that are on a specific street, by their contact details, industry sectors, age, size, or any custom data fields you have created in your city's workspace. Feel the ease of answering any data related questions within a few clicks at your finger tips.

Furthermore, you can even search by map! Imagine drawing any custom shape directly in the map and instantly returning the list of businesses within that boundary. Whether to answer questions from a council member, study a particular area, or to plan your next business walk, the map search is your intuitive and powerful secret weapon.

That's it for our update! To all the communities that have joined Bludot, we are thrilled to have you with us. To those that have not, we hope to meet you in the near future. In the meantime, keep on making your communities strong!


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