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The city of Las Vegas is thrilled to launch Open Rewardsa new Small Business Rewards Program to incentivize customers to shop local. The program allows shoppers to earn and redeem rewards on every purchase at participating local businesses within Las Vegas.

How it works for your business

The program is completed funded by the city of Las Vegas. There is no cost to your business.

Customers know they will earn rewards when they shop at your business

No action is required from your
business to give or redeem rewards. Your customers will do that in the app.

When customers look for a place to spend the rewards they’ve earned, they will be able to pick yours!

Your business is listed and promoted on the app as part of city of Las Vegas


Access data and insights about your customers, at your fingertips

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Give the free $25 vouchers to your customers!

Once your business is enrolled, the city will be giving your business free $25 vouchers that you can distribute to your customers. The vouchers can be redeemed for purchases at any participating business in the program.

Follow the steps below to enroll your business:

open rewards sign up.png

1. Download the app

Download the app and click "Add your business"

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app store google play icons_edited.png
open rewards business choose community.png

2. Select "Las Vegas" from the list of communities

open rewards business sign up.png

3. Enter your business information


Follow the steps in the app to enter your business information.


open rewards business sign up_eligibility.png


4. Confirm your business's eligibility


Complete the eligibility form and click submit!

Review eligibility requirements here

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