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  • Sophia Zheng

Tips for Promoting Your City's Local Businesses Digitally

Since launching the Open for Business site in April to promote the city's local businesses, City of Walnut Creek, CA has brought over 100,000 views to the site in a remarkably short time. That is over 100,000 times that people were able to check out what businesses are open, got to know their latest opening hours, whether they offered delivery, or how to order. In a time where digital presence is key, this was no small feat and certainly created very tangible contribution to the local business community.

In Part 1 of our latest video, Liz Payne, the Multimedia Producer of City of Walnut Creek, CA, sits down with us to share a few very actionable tips on promoting your city's local businesses via digital channels at scale.

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Learn more about creating an Open for Business site for your city via Bludot Open.


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