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  • Liv Stromme

Organizing Business Expansion and Attraction Opportunities with Bludot

Tracking and supporting potential developments and new businesses interested in making your community home can be time consuming and inefficient. We've heard countless stories of how projects are stored in spreadsheets, different local folders on desktops, and by email threads. When the time of the year comes to showcase the effort your team spent attracting businesses, where do you even start?

With Bludot, not only can you track your existing businesses, but potential new businesses and projects as well. Any emails, calls, meetings, notes and documents relating to the projects can all be tracked within one place. Even further, you can create custom labels to organize by stages, types, and use reporting to showcase all of your efforts and impact.

We have seen how cities have used the prospect features to track new businesses, how industrial authorities attract industries to their region, and how chambers recruit members to join. Here's a quick guide on how to best utilize this functionality to meet your team's goals.

The prospect section in Bludot provides you with the following benefits:

1. Create and log potential development and business opportunities:

With Bludot, you can say goodbye to your spreadsheets by simply sending them over to us and we will import it into our platform. As more business opportunities come to your community, simply enter them into Bludot and our dynamic database will be accessible to anyone in your team.

CRM - Business Retention and Attraction Prospect Tracking

2. Track your project engagements and progress

Imagine all of your emails, calls, and meetings for each project in a chronological timeline. Better yet, make sure to connect your email account so your emails can be synced automatically. On the project profile, you can also add notes, documents, and any custom data points you need.

CRM - Business Retention and Attraction Project Tracking

3. Create custom labels for project stages, funding statuses, and more

Once a project moves forward or the funding status changes, simply adjust the label and your team can see the progress made. These labels can be based on geographic boundaries, any custom data points within project, and more. All labels are custom, so regardless of how you track impact - we can help tell your story.

4. Access reporting to track your efforts

The dashboard gives you instant metrics for the work your team is doing. Our custom chart builder provides the added flexibility to create any types of custom reports you might need. Whether it's to measure your internal goals, or to present to external stakeholders, Bludot is designed to help you use data to tell your story.

CRM - Business Expansion and Attraction Report

5. Once a prospective business opens in your community, the business moves to our active business database.

Simply change the status to "active" and the business profile with all your interactions will move into our active business section, where you can continue your business retention efforts.

Want to learn more about how you can organize and propel your community's business attraction in your community forward? Schedule a demo with our team today.


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