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Open Rewards only collects data with your consent
We built the system to ensure a seamless experience for you and maximize your rewards. 
We don’t share, sell, or rent any of your personal data to outside companies.

Why does it ask for me to log in to my bank?

We strive to make earning rewards as seamless as possible. No need to carry another rewards card in your wallet, scan any code, or claim any offers. Simply shop like you normally do, and get rewards automatically.

Connecting to your bank via an interface such as Plaid is the only way for us to automatically match your purchases to the merchants, and assign the rewards credit to you.


Do I have to connect to my bank in order to earn rewards?

No! If you are not comfortable connecting to you bank at this time, we totally understand. You can still earn rewards by submitting your receipts.

How does linking to my card work?

We use Plaid as the interface to connect to your card.

During sign up, Plaid will ask you to log in to your bank in order to establish the connection. After that, Plaid will share with us the transactions data on the card you authorize.

We do not have access to your login credentials and cannot take any action in your account in any way.

Plaid is a third party service that powers financial connections.

Over 1 in 4 US adults already use Plaid with their bank and financial apps.

Plaid works with major bank institutions such as Chase and Bank of America, and is used by trusted apps such as Google Pay and Venmo.

Learn more about how Plaid handles your data:


Can my accounts be deleted?

You can remove your linked account from Open Rewards at any time.
You can also manage the apps that you've connected your bank with via Plaid directly at Plaid Portal.

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