The human way to work

The human way to work

There's more to work than the work itself

You juggle 20 different things at once,

because you take pride in the value of your contribution.

You help someone out on that spreadsheet or proposal, even though it's not within your function or role.

You are at your best when you feel connected to the people and the mission, and you never forget that feeling.

It's time we focus on the humans behind the work.

that's you, me, and everyone we work with

welcome to bludot 

More Productive

Designed for the busy people in the modern workplace, like you.

Simple labels for every organization need,

i.e. team, project, client, or whatever that makes sense.

Stay on top of tasks with accept/forward,

knock-knock reminders, intuitively human.

Easily access more details plus attachments, comments, etc. every interaction in one place.

More Fluid

Collaborate across teams, projects, even companies

Assign tasks to any internal coworker or external collaborator, anyone with an email address.

One workspace, all your to-dos. Simple as that.

More Engaged

Who doesn't like a little surprise that brightens up your day?

Gradually reveal cards as you go about your work

Is there someone that you appreciate?

Send a card that brings a smile to their face

More Accomplished

Take your work one step further

Demonstrate your contribution, quantifiably.

Let your work speak for itself.

So you can shine as the hero that we know you are. 

The human way to work

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