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  • Sophia Zheng

Staying Engaged with Local Businesses during COVID-19

First of all, thank you for stepping up as an economic developer amidst what will likely be the biggest economic challenge of our lifetimes. While we at Bludot have taken all the precautions with our teams through the coronavirus pandemic, it is even more present on our minds how much impact this has on all the local businesses in your local communities, and how we, as a software platform built for economic developers like you, can help.

Stay engaged with your local businesses virtually

It is even more pressing now to be fully engaged with your local businesses and keep a close tab on how they may be struggling. Businesses impacted the most may be in hospitality, travel, restaurants, leisure/entertainment. The businesses that do remain open to facilitate essential functions are also faced with unprecedented challenges.

Bludot is, at its core, a direct communication channel between you and the business owners. Imagine interacting with business owners instantaneously, as easy as any chat app, on one centralized platform.

Having access to all your local businesses in one place is also key. Not only would you be able to manage your efforts more systematically, but you can also tailor your outreach by the business's characteristics and needs. On Bludot, you can use labels to filter and engage with businesses based on their industry, age, size, and geographic location within a couple clicks.

Communicate resources and assistance

Any resources and assistance from you would be deeply valuable for your local businesses. Webinars with experts to help business owners address challenges, demystifying policies and resources from the state, federal, or SBA, or even just making yourself available to answer questions and hosting virtual office hours, are all great ways to support your community.

Communication like this is exactly what Bludot is built for. You can send a group outreach to a targeted set of businesses based on labels and filters, or to everyone at once. More importantly, you can then track the business owners' responses, evaluate the effect and make sure no one is buried in busy email inboxes.

Stay on the same page while working remotely

Working remotely may put physical distance between you and your colleagues, but it does not have to hinder your team's effectiveness, especially at a time when we need all hands on deck! Having all interactions with businesses at one centralized place for all your city staff is key to Bludot. Task is another essential function to keep the work on track and keep each other accountable. These functionalities have been carefully designed from working with local economic developers like you and they are built so you will always have the latest status at your fingertips, at all times.

We are offering Bludot platform to any city that wants to use it to support local businesses during COVID-19 free of charge for 3 months, no obligations.

Onboarding is super simple and you have our commitment to get your city workspace up and running within a week of receiving your sign-up info. We are totally aware that time is of the essence and are fully prepared to do whatever we can to support you. If that is of value, please get in touch!

Take care,

Sophia and Bludot Team


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