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Business Retention 

Technology Platform

Built for Economic Development in Cities and Counties

Launching this July 4th:

Open Rewards for #ShopMyCity

Incentivize consumers to shop

at local businesses within your city limits

Directly stimulate your local economy and speed up recovery

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platform & solutions


I was on a video call with several businesses most recently and someone actually mentioned the Bludot platform and said "I signed up for Bludot and it's been really good because the city has been able to share additional resources with it". Immediately, I was very happy to hear that the businesses felt they had a connection to the City of Takoma Park, their city that they've invested in during this challenging time.

Economic Development Manager

City of Takoma Park, MD


Secure and direct communication channel for maximum engagement


Modern cloud-based software for fast implementation and smooth user experience


Organize businesses based on industry type, geographic area, size, age, or any custom tag as you need


Automated alerts, reminders, and tasks to maximize your efficiency and scale your impact


Filter and visualize businesses in a fully integrated map view


One platform for all your colleagues and city staff to stay in the loop


Unlock valuable insights with real-time metrics and data


Emphasis on human-centered design and personal touch with your community


See our latest tips from

Economic Development Managers 

on how they are using the tools in their city

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For anybody that is thinking about what Economic Development would look like in the future, in the next couple of years and how they can get ahead, a tool like Bludot is going to allow them to take advantage of the 1:1 personal relationships that traditionally drive Economic Development, with the technology tools that is going to revolutionize Economic Development at scale. 

Head of Innovation and Economic Development

City of Walnut Creek, CA


Join the small-mid sized cities across 10+ states

to supercharge your Economic Development

with specialized tools made just for you.

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