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Let customers use their rewards at your business

Next time they look for a place to spend the rewards they have

been saving, they'll be able to pick yours!


At checkout, the customer will apply a rewards payment towards your business from their app


The amount they paid is shown on the screen

Optional Verification

The customer will get a confirmation screen, which they will show your cashier

1.   App notification

If you'd like to verify their payment, choose 1 of the 3 ways:

If you have a device with your Open Rewards app running, your device will receive a push notification

2.   Scan the QR code on their confirmation screen

3.   Enter the 6-digit code at

This step is optional. The customer's payment is deposited into your balance regardless of whether you verify.



Take this amount off their bill in the POS and charge them their remaining balance.

That's it!